Let the Data Flow: A Better Model for Assessment

When all your critical data is allowed to work together, your processes will naturally align for more effective results.

Ideal Assessment Flow

Achieving the ideal assessment flow depends on a holistic solution that connects your data. A fully integrated platform, for instance, can allow for assessment and grading to occur simultaneously. Rubric assessment data can then be shared across multiple faculty and aggregated to demonstrate student performance outcomes across multiple courses throughout a program. This would be especially instructive for a general education program. In addition to a more streamlined outcomes assessment experience, an integrated platform can open up valuable learning data—specifically, data on how students perceive their own learning and growth. Just imagine the value of this information for faculty who want a deeper understanding of their students’ motivations and expectations. Essentially, the more data you can connect, the deeper the insights you’ll be able to access.

Taking Assessment to the Next Level

Read how Erskine College improved their assessment process on campus with the Campus Labs platform.

The Ideal Assessment Flow Informational PDF
Download The Ideal Assessment Flow PDF.

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Will Miller, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Institutional Analytics, Effectiveness, and Strategic Planning | Jacksonville University

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