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Survey of Assessment Practices Attitudes and Aptitudes in the Student Activities Profession

This report highlights the results of the NACA-sponsored Survey of Assessment Practices, Attitudes and Aptitudes in the Student Activities Profession. The survey was conducted using a 68-item instrument designed to collect quantitative and qualitative data. The survey was established with the intent to measure the average capacity, familiarity, and attitudes that student activities professionals have in relation to managing and conducting assessment in their area, as well as to collect information on current efforts and challenges related to carrying out assessment-related activity. The survey targeted representatives from each NACA member campus where there was at least one current member affiliated with the association. Over a three-week period in November 2012, 236 respondents provided anonymous feedback through an online version of the instrument provided by the Campus Labs team at Higher One, Inc. Members of the NACA Educational Advisory Group and Campus Labs assessment professionals carried out a joint review of the findings and made several recommendations regarding NACA’s opportunities for promoting assessment in the field of student activities.